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3 Tips for Buying a New Samsung or iPhone Case

Have you ever carried around a phone with a screen more cracked than the coliseum?

I couldn't have been the only one who had to decipher words around the cracks or send friends pictures to view on their phones to get the whole picture, right? Maybe it was just me, but thankfully I'm not in high school anymore. I've gradually learned to take better care of the things in my life that is worth something - my husband included (EMJOI). Back in junior high, though, I had a phone case that was the cutest. Many tropical vibes and as colorful as it gets, but it was not durable in the slightest. It was lightweight, cute, and cheap, but man, if I didn't risk cutting my fingers every time I used my phone towards the end of the Case's life! It lasted for about three months, and my seamless phone screen went right along with it. So that hopefully, no one has to endure the taped-up iPhone or Android screens, we've come up with three tips for deciding on your next phone case. These are just some of our considerations after years of learning from mistakes.

1. Estimate your budget: This is the first and arguably, most important step. Cases are almost always going to be in the $30-$40 range, but there are, of course, the outliers. Some may be $100 & others may be $15 (remember though you get the quality you pay for!), but you must decide your budget and stick to it. I typically don't spend more than $50 on a case. My preference isn't name brands, so I don't buy the newest Louis Vuitton phone case. I'd rather spend $20 or more to prolong my phone life and get something I like, but that also doesn't break the bank. In fact, Case Hands prices its phone cases to fit your budget. The high-quality wheat-straw cases start at $29.99, and they don't go up!

2. Consider your habits: Do you drop your phone at least a few times a day like me? Or have you only ever dropped your phone three times in your life? It can be hard to find a happy medium between the two, but ultimately protection is essential no matter who you are. I have yet to meet a person that has never dropped their device! Also, make sure to invest in a case that will last you at least a couple of years. Case Hands products are built for your drops and dings, but they also last a minimum of two years… while most cases only last eighteen months! Also, Case Hands guarantees a replacement case for your phone if it breaks. Pretty cool, huh?

3. Check your style: No one wants a massive, faded clunker to protect their phone. Find a style that suits you, and go for it! Also, think about how often you carry your phone in your hand versus your pocket. A rubbery coating may be best if it doesn't go into your pocket much, but a smooth texture may be best for quick and easy pocket access. The latter is definitely my personal favorite. Case Hands phone cases are soft to the touch, yet they grip in your hand to prevent any unnecessary falls. They are also made using biodegradable materials to protect the earth. Not only are these products sustainable, but each Case is also made to be as individual and unique as you are! They also have many colors to choose from.

So no matter if you are prone to drops, dings, and scratches like me or maybe you're the rare oddity that I have yet to meet, there is a protective covering that's best for you. Make sure to consider what you're willing to spend on a case first and then think about your accident proneness. Finally, make sure to find a covering that is as unique as you're style and personality. After all, that Case will be in your hands every day for at least a couple of years.

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