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5 Ways to save the planet - Featuring an iPhone 12 Phone Case

Our Earth is an incredible planet that constantly supplies our needs to survive. Sometimes we can take advantage of that. Sometimes we take more than we give, and that causes damage to our environment. We as humans must protect our planet and keep it clean to help prolong the life of our Earth. Here are a few ways we can help keep our world clean:


  1. Conserving Water.

Our Earth is filled with water. However, only .5% of the water on our planet is drinkable water. Conserving water protects against rising costs of the water supply. If people fail to reuse and find creative ways to save water, it could hurt the water supply and increase water prices. Everyone needs water; so, we all must do our part to help keep the water prices down. I like to preserve water by keeping a large container in my backyard to collect rainwater. I then use that water to water my plants on drier days. It is a win-win because I can reuse rainwater, and my plants get the best water to help them grow. Saving and reusing water can help avoid damage in dry seasons and droughts. Since rainwater doesn't fall in the exact location every time, it is harder to supply water to places that suffer from droughts the most. If everyone conserves water more, there is more water supply to help with shortages and prevent further damage to the environment. Conserving is caring. Do your part to make this planet a healthier planet.

  1. Save Energy.

I live in Tennessee, where it is extremely hot in the summer and cold in winter. During these two seasons, I try to save energy wherever I can. During the summer, I tend to keep my shades lowered, and curtains closed to help keep my house cool so I can use less AC. In the winter, I like to build fires in my fireplace to warm up my home naturally. Who doesn't love to drink hot cocoa by the fire on cold winter nights?? It's my favorite! There are so many other ways to conserve energy in our everyday lives. Saving energy can also save you money. And trust me, I try to save money wherever I can. You can save energy in your home, work, and even on vacation! When you are at home, look around for equipment to unplug while they are not in use. Even when these products are off, they can still use energy. This also applies to work! If you have computers at work, if your employers allow it, unplug your computer and anything else that uses power at your desk when you go home every day. When planning a vacation, try to go during the off-peak times to avoid the crowds and prevent straining resources in that area. While on your trip, don't litter or leave behind your trash. This can hurt the environment and wildlife.

  1. Dispose of waste correctly. 

The growing waste in the US is overwhelming. In 2018, the United States generated 292.4 million tons of waste in one year alone. That equals 4.9 pounds per person per day! How crazy is that? About 70 million of the waste was recycled, but there's a lot of waste that was not disposed of properly, and that causes more buildup in dumpsites. If we all can dispose of our garbage correctly, this could slow the exhaust of our dumpsites. They are building up quickly, and it hurts the environment significantly. Find creative ways to dispose of waste. My street doesn't offer recycled pickup, so I try to recycle my cans the best way possible. One way I dispose of my cans is by donating them to a man on my street. He collects and turns in cans for money because he is unable to work. When I was a nanny, I would gather my used cans and donate them to the school that the kids attended. The school would make money off of them and use it to fund extracurricular activities. Many people and businesses can benefit from recycling; find one near you and help them raise funds. Your planet will thank you!

  1. Use public transportation when possible.

Studies show that 28 percent of total US greenhouse gas emission is from transportation alone. This is a growing problem in big cities because, with all of the commuters not taking advantage of public transportation, it causes extreme pollution and damages the environment. Public transportation is such a beneficial way to reduce pollution. It also will decrease traffic in highly congested areas and help everyone get to work on time. Whenever it is helpful for me, I will carpool to my destinations. Last week, I needed to run errands in town, and I asked my dad if he wanted to come with me. I knew he needed to run errands in town as well, and so we carpooled! It was convenient for us and better for the environment. A lot of the time, carpooling and public transportation are more convenient; it just takes the effort to find ways to your destinations in the easiest way possible. The environment can become cleaner one carpooler at a time!

  1. Buy eco-friendly products

As I stated before, the waste buildup in our environment is overwhelming. This is because most products take years to decompose. This is terrible for the environment, and it causes more harm than good. One way to avoid this buildup is to buy eco-friendly products. I tend to buy products that are eco-friendly because I can throw away everyday items guilt-free. I have recently found a company that sells eco-friendly phone cases that are stylish, affordable, and great for the environment! CaseHands phone cases turn into the soil after discarding. How cool is that?? If we can use more biodegradable products, we can help our planet become greener every day!


There are so many ways to help our environment. It just takes a little bit extra effort to do so. Our Earth is so unique and beautiful that it constantly provides the tools we need to survive. The least we can do is provide some tools back to help keep it healthy! This is the only planet we have; let's not waste it!

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