Are all of your cases biodegradable ?

While we wish that all our case styles were biodegradable, current manufacturing technology has not yet progressed to a point where it is feasible. If the case you are purchasing does not have the word 'biodegradable' in its title, then it is not a biodegradable case. Even so, we are still committed to doing our part to reduce carbon emissions and minimizing our ecological footprint. That is why for every case purchased, we will make a contribution to a carbon offset organization to help cover the ecological cost of the case. We believe that this is an important step in helping to combat climate change and protecting our environment for future generations.

What's a biodegradable iPhone case ?

Our biodegradable phone cases are made from wheat straw, which is a naturally occurring material. That means that once you throw the case away, it will slowly disintegrate over several years. It takes regular plastic cases 450+ years to disintegrate, and all the while they release chemicals into the environment.
Biodegradable cases are completely non-toxic and leave no chemical residue. Our cases fully degrade around 36 months after being discarded, bringing their total lifespan to around 5 years.

What's the difference between a biodegradable case and a regular one ?

Most regular iPhone cases are made of plastic, which means they'll need a few hundred years to decompose once they're discarded. Considering the average case is replaced every 18 months, that means tons and tons of plastic waste end up hurting our environment. Our cases disintegrate very slowly after discarded, leaving no toxic residue behind. They are completely waste and plastic-free.
Other than that, there's no difference between our cases and plasticky ones, other than the fact that the wheat straw material is very grippy and is an excellent shock absorber.

What's it made of?

Our Biodegradable cases are made from wheat straw and other naturally occurring materials. Completely natural, no plastics, and nothing toxic inside. Other cases are mainly made from mold injected TPU and silicone.

Can it decompose while I'm still using it?

No. You'll have a remarkably sturdy phone case to depend on for as long as you have your device. It takes over two years of being exposed to the elements for a Case Hands product to begin to decompose.
Even when the degrading process begins, it does sovery slowly.

Can I wash it?

Yes! You can clean your biodegradable iPhone case using soap and water, and it won't damage it in any way.

Does it allow wireless charging?

Yes. While protected by our case you will be able to access all your phone's functions, including wireless charging.

Do you offer any sort of guarantee ?

Absolutely. We guarantee the case for the life of your device.
This means that if for whatever reason you're not satisfied with our case, you can get a replacement during the entire lifetime of your phone. We do not require you to send the old case back. All you have to do is contact us and within 48 hours, your request will be processed.

What is the return policy ?

You have 45 days to return or exchange your case! All returns are free, no restocking fees or hidden interest! First, you will let us know why you are exchanging or returning by emailing howdy@blueranches.com. Then check your email and get your return label to shoot it back to us! Once we receive the item back, you'll receive a refund or credit to choose another item.

How do exchanges work ?

Simple, hop onto the website and get your new items immediately once credit has been issued! If you don't use your entire credit, we'll shoot it back to your card once we get your package!

Is it easy to return or exchange items ?

Once your return is authorized, you'll receive step-by-step instructions and a pre-paid shipping label via email.

What items are returnable ?

Items purchased in the last 45 days.

What items are non-refundable ?

Clearance items
Free gifts or promotional items with retail value.

How soon will I get my refund ?

You'll get your refund typically within 48 hours after we receive your product back.